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The connection with sports is in our DNA. A culture which expands in all areas of the company. Owing to that, the cimed group strongly invests in this area, especially in three categories: soccer, volleyball and auto racing. Sports which have the ability to transform the investment in something more: from the advertising of a winning brand to the generation of new Brazilian talents. Mentioning Cimed’s relationship with sports is remembering achievements. Winning stories directly tied to passion and dedication.

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Patrocinador Oficial da Seleção Brasileira de Futebol

Cimed Racing, two-time champion on Stock Car:
Two titles for pilots and teams, constantly on the poles and podiums, Cimed Racing is one of the strongest on the Stock Car grid, main category of national motoring. In just a few years, it holds a record: The first team to be champion with two pilots in consecutive years - Marcos Gomes in 2015 and Felipe Fraga in 2016.


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Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna

Autódromo Internacional Ayrton Senna

Classificação Mundial

1 Foto Daniel Serra Daniel Serra
2 Foto Rubens Barrichello Rubens Barrichello
3 Foto Ricardo Maurício Ricardo Maurício
4 Foto Thiago Camilo Thiago Camilo
5 Foto Gabriel Casagrande Gabriel Casagrande
6 Foto Marcos Gomes Marcos Gomes
7 Foto Felipe Fraga Felipe Fraga
8 Foto Julio Campos Julio Campos
9 Foto Max Wilson Max Wilson
10 Foto Allam Khodair Allam Khodair
11 Foto Cacá Bueno Cacá Bueno
12 Foto Ricardo Zonta Ricardo Zonta
13 Foto Diego Nunes Diego Nunes
14 Foto Gaetano Di Mauro Gaetano Di Mauro
15 Foto Galid Osman Galid Osman
16 Foto Lucas Foresti Lucas Foresti
17 Foto Bruno Baptista Bruno Baptista
18 Foto Valdeno Brito Valdeno Brito
19 Foto Rafael Suzuki Rafael Suzuki
20 Foto Cesar Ramos Cesar Ramos
21 Foto Nelson Piquet Jr Nelson Piquet Jr
22 Foto Denis Navarro Denis Navarro
23 Foto Felipe Lapenna Felipe Lapenna
24 Foto Bia Figueiredo Bia Figueiredo
25 Foto Vitor Baptista Vitor Baptista
26 Foto Átila Abreu Átila Abreu
27 Foto Pedro Cardoso Pedro Cardoso
28 Foto Marcel Coletta Marcel Coletta
29 Foto Guga Lima Guga Lima
31 Foto Raphael Reis Raphael Reis
1  Eurofarma RC
2  Full Time Sports
3  Cimed Racing
4  KTF Sports
5  Prati-Donaduzzi Racing
6  RCM
7  Blau Motorsport
8  Ipiranga Racing
9  Shell Helix Ultra
10  Crown Racing
11  Shell V-Power
12  Cavaleiro Sports
13  Hot Car Competições
14  Vogel Motorsport
15  Carlos Alves
16  Cimed Chevrolet Team
17  Bardahl Hot Car RZ
18  Hero Motorsport II
19  Squadra G-Force
20  Scuderia Colón
21  Hero Motorsport
22  Eisenbahn Racing Team
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