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With over 40 years of history and an all national DNA, the CIMED group offers a complete line of medicines, cosmetics and supplements to attend all Brazilian families with quality and accessibility. The company is among the top 4 Brazilian pharmaceutical industries – being the only one with its own national distribution service to enhance the service to over 50 thousand pharmacies and drugstores in the country.


The Cimed Group


Made from 10 different companies, the CIMED group acts on a vertical structure, guaranteeing that all the parts of the productive process are done internally, in order to reduce the costs for the sales points and bring benefits to the consumers. These companies are: Cimed Farma, Tec Color, Nutracom, 1Farma, Predileta Distribuidora, Instituto Claudia Marques de Pesquisa e Desenvolvimento, Cimed Racing, Cimed Indústria de Embalagens, Associação Educacional Claudia Marques e CimeLog.


The Cimed Group leads the market of non prescription medicines in various therapeutical categories*, with brands like Cimegripe, K-Med, Lavitan and Redubío, along with highlights such as Dermafeme, lipofit, nevralgex and Xô inseto. All of this tied to the growth in generic medicines, an area with huge potential of expansion in the country and in the world.

Grupo Cimed


Provide health and quality of life society with fair prices and effective operation.

View of the Future

To be synonym of excellence as industry and distribution services on the health and beauty market in all national territory with domain of productivity.


Quality - Constantly seeking to offer products and service at a high level.

Agility - Being objective and practical with speed, assertiveness and responsibility.

Team Work - Fundamental to reach our goals.

Focus - Aligning objectives to reach results.

Innovation - Diversify to generate new business opportunities.

Pride - Passion for what we do.

Faith - Believing that anything is possible.

Our industrial complex is located in Minas Gerais, in the city of Pouso Alegre, and has a total area of 107 thousand m². Near the unit, in the city of Sao Sebastiao da Bela Vista, (MG), an area of 120 thousand m² lodges the main center of distribution and the printing office. Besides that, the company has an administrative office in the city of Sao Paulo (SP).


To keep perfecting its organizational structure, an executive board has been created to support the shareholders. This change meets the best practices on the market and aims to sustain, even more, the base for good management and sustainable growth.


The Cimed group considers human capital its most important source. Because of that, in order to develop and retain talents, it aims to create a stimulating work environment, that values the hard work of its collaborators, respecting values such as ethics, transparency and meritocracy.

The search for excellence pervades the domain of all productivity, which promotes quickness in releases, assertiveness in distribution and high level products.


And being a company with Brazilian DNA, the CIMED group is present in three of the favorite sports of our people: in soccer, as an official sponsor of CBF (Brazilian confederation of soccer)  and the national soccer team; in volleyball as an official partner of CBV (Brazilian confederation of Volleyball) and the court and sand teams; and in auto racing, where the group owns CIMED Racing, stock car bi-champion.

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